Saturday, 25 January 2014

Has he been running from the word engagement? This season is a time we witness a lot of weddings and engagements around the world and if your man is still nonchalant in getting serious and taking your relationship to the next level, I have the antidote for you. Getting you engaged this period may be the best present your man can give you and if he is not willing to give you this present; a little push from you can help you achieve your dream.
Just  Don’t Scare Him Off
You should not talk a lot about weddings before he finally does the proposal. The reason for this is because you can cause him to panic and get worked up with thoughts. It should be one step at a time, you can take him often to weddings, this may give him the idea that the time has come for him to do something about you.

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weddingDrop a few hints:
The both of you should be on the same page when you are ready for marriage. You can drop a few hints so that he would realize that you are not getting younger and will want to get married soon. This is what will make him sit up and think of the way forward.
You Should Have An Honest Conversation:
You cannot get married to someone you have no future with, if your man doesn’t see a future with you or you with him, what is the essence of wasting your time? You should not rush this marriage thing on a man because he may think you are desperate. What do you do? Have an honest conversation and see where the relationship is leading you two and if it is in the wrong direction, pack your bags and leave
You Should Book A Romantic Getaway
Your man may need a little encouragement from you when he is ready for proposal. Why not make it easier for him and planning a special setting or book a romantic getaway with him so that he can be able to pop the question?

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Mention the ring:
Getting your ring may the headache of your man when it comes to proposing. This is because a lot of men do not have a clue on how to go about this. You can take care of this by talking to his hearing about a person whose engagement ring you admire. And if the two of you know this person it would be great for him to go later and ask questions.
If these tips disappoints you, now there is plan B which is abstinence  from sex until he is ready for a proposal.


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