Thursday, 30 January 2014

Nollywood Actress Thelma O’Khaz Addresses Bleaching Scandal In A Foreign Tabloid

Since Yvonne Nelson was accused of bleaching her skin and Dencia came up with new spot remover, ‘Whitenicious’ which some people have dabbed a bleaching cream, came a shocking story of Thelma O’Khaz, a Nollywood actress,  picture of a ghostly white version of her face, bleached blonde hair and green eyes have been blowing up on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and on the blogs, that got some Nigerians screaming at such quick skin transformation, while this is going on, she has emphatically denies ever bleaching her skin.

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The story of Thelma has found its way to the Western world and a lot of people are wondering who is this lady, because she is unknown that Charing Ball from who too was part of the confusion, reached out to her through Facebook about her controversial images. Initially, she was hesitant about speaking out on the rumors, citing the age old adage:
“they can talk as much as they want and believe what they want.” And she has been pretty much mocking the controversy on both her Facebook and Twitter accounts with such tweets as: “My nose doesn’t fit my new white skin so I need a very good plastic surgeon 2 fix it up. Who has Dr 90210′s number? Money no be problem.”
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Thelma said that while she is naturally lighter skinned, she is not Casper-white as we see in the picture. She also emphatically denies ever bleaching her skin. Instead, she says that the ghostly white image making its way around the Internet is photoshopped. “I take a lot of pictures for different purposes, some for movie posters. And this one is for a movie so when its out I’ll let u know,’ she writes.
A much more natural skin toned O’khaz can be seen in her new video for the song, “I Like the Way,” which from her debut album Ready For You.


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