Sunday, 19 January 2014

JJC Aka Skillz- I trained Don Jazzy on how to become a producer

He is famous for using the slang, Johnny Just Come for his name, JJC aka Skillz, Abdul Rasheed Bello,  is a Nigerian rapper and record producer, who has made name for himself in the music industry,  the truth is he is not really a new comer in the industry,  in 2011, he has spoken of the betrayal from D’banj and Don Jazzy in the industry, late 2013 JJC  announced he is leaving the music industry to television production and the launch of his fashion collection with a designer, Kola Kuddus.

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With the era of music over, Nollywood is his next stop because he is ready to explore another area. Once he has spoken of his relationship with  don Jazzy and d’banj,  ‘Don Jazzy was a keyboard player and Mr. Solek and Kas brought him to me and said that he really liked my music. At that time I was already JJC and I had songs like kilonsele on air play already and had won a couple of awards, I was strong in the game. I trained Don Jazzy on how to become a producer and he lived in my house for about a year and I showed him how to produce, trained him on how to perform and put things together.’

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He concluded, ‘And D’Banj , from the branding to how to act like Fela, I did it for him. His song, mobolowon won, was written by me, Raggaremi and MP. Even All The Way was written in Lagos here. I was very instrumental in packaging Don Jazzy and D’banj.’
Everybody has a different lifestyle. I have had my own season. I made a lot of money and spent it the way my mind told me to. But I am a more matured man now. I have grown wiser and I now think more in terms of investing against rainy days.  It is normal in the arts; people go through a life cycle of making money and spending it. It is important for artistes to engage the services of a business manager who can advise them on how to handle the money coming to them.  The amount of money one makes now may reduce or increase as each year passes.

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