Monday, 20 January 2014

Soul E Accuses Linda Ikeji For His Fight With The Public

Emmanuel Okosi popularly known as Soul E, whose romance with Queen Ure is one subject that a lot of us will never forget in a hurry, Queen Ure claimed she left music to help Soul E when they met but the guy says dating Queen was a big mistake in his life, although, the estrange couple has moved since they separated seven years, Soul E is most affected by this affair because   the public has refused to leave him alone even after getting married to Petula Delinda on January 4th, he is blaming Linda Ikeji for his recent spat with the public.

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He has attacked the popular blogger Linda ikeji for his current rumours , “Since I got married on January 2, I have been the subject of several allegations and speculations on the Internet. A popular and controversial blogger, Linda Ikeji, painted me in a negative light just to tarnish my image. She said I married a banker and that my wife was older than I am. This is not true. I am three years older than my wife. So, I don’t understand why people still call me a gigolo. The blogger even went as far as re-editing our wedding pictures to suit her purpose.”

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Contrary to the Linda Ikeji’s story, he claims he never married secretly, recently he said, ‘ ‘I made a mistake dating her’, and when he was asked if his new wife was older than him he said ‘No, she’s much younger than me’.
He is not away from music, music still gives him money. he just returned from a tour of South Africa three months before his wedding with  a 12-man band called the Soul Squad Band. Soul E is  not in music for competition. Last year they travelled to 8 African countries including Ghana, Zimbabwe and later breezed in to Australia, he says.


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