Friday, 24 January 2014

Must You Tell Friends Everything In Your Affair?

affairWe have often told our friends about our relationship, sometimes we get good advice and other times we may be doomed for ever opening our mouths.  The issue of our friends and what roles they have to play in our relationship can be complicated and not complicated depending on the person we are dealing with. It is also filled with what you are expected to do and what you will final do in that relationship.
A lot of us may have experienced our loved ones getting angry over a secret shared to a friend about our relationship, especially when details are fully shared without minding what we are doing a times.  A relationship that is at its early stage should be kept delicate at all cost, I am not saying that we should not share experiences but there are things that are just for our consumptions alone.
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A lot of us may believe it is no big deal when we tell others about what happens in our relationship or why we should tell people about it. It depends which is why I said in the beginning that it can be either complicated or not complicated.
This is why it is complicated
You can end up in a hole that none of your friends may be able to save you if you do not tell them. Maybe, a little gossip could have saved you from danger if you had said it all. What this means is you are expected to tell people about what you do. This is why not telling others can be very complicated and sometimes, may hurt us so bad because we didn’t get advice over an affair that we should have handled with support and advice from others.
Take for instance; you are scared of opening up that the guy you are dating is technically married because he has not gotten a divorce. You just have to tell someone because someone will definitely tell you what will help you in such situation.
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Here’s why it’s not complicated:
Some of our friends will poke their nose into our affair all in the name of helping us with your feelings. A lot of us have gotten burnt because we allowed our so called friends to be the boss in our affair. The perfect choice is not to share secrets with friends when you know that they will end up cloning you with their ideas and many even lure you to do some silly things you shouldn’t have done in your common sense. Your friends need to support you instead of being intrusive
What you  are to do:
This is easier said than done, however, the best thing to do is to tell your friends some things that are necessary and then keep back what you know may hurt when you share it. What you should know is as soon as you start telling friends about your man, his business and yours have become a street market affair. You are just not going to have a private life any longer .

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