Friday, 8 February 2013


Balotelli may be in Italy but this does not mean that he is 'trouble' free.  He has proven that he would always be a problem child with his constant getting into police trouble. The first party that was organized by Milan fans suddenly degenerated into trouble between AC ultras and police and got a fan injuried. Most of us believed that would be the end of it. Who said so?

Not only that, he has sparked a row with the Italian police when he packed in a disabled spot at Milan’s Linate airport . Of course, he was warned to move his car only to drive it into that space.

And he was fined by the policy when they did not see his insurance documents. Well, in UK his cars were impounded 27 times. This is a great record. And when it comes to racist offenses, the dude is not spared by the people.

Milan owner Silvio Berlusconi said last January: "Balotelli will never wear the rossoneri shirt because he is a rotten apple who may infect the whole changing room." Berlusconi said he had been "misinterpreted" after Balotelli's transfer to Milan was officially concluded, but a new gaffe emerged last night when his brother and Milan vice-president Paolo Berlusconi described Balotelli as "the family's little nigger".

I hope that  he would not have more troubles in Italy than he had in UK...

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