Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Hmm...When I thought that Kris Humphries would be piping low over his divorce saga with Kim Kardashian, the war is just beginning between them.  From all indications, Humphries is not in a rush to end this nasty divorce.

Well, Humphries lawyer  just filed a motion  that would  put a brake on Kim Kardashian's request to set an immediate trial date so that they settle their divorce. This is what Humphries would not accept. He would not want Kim to take advantage of her pregnancy in speeding the legal battle. Interesting!!!

Does this mean that Kris would want this to go on for a long time? And what are they hiding...
"What are they hiding?" attorney Marshall Waller states in the filing obtained by E! News. "What is there in the raw footage of this televised courtship, 72-day marriage and resultant breakup that they are so afraid of us discovering?"

I cannot stop laughing when I heard Kim's attorney say that 'almighty' Kim Kardashian is handcuffed to Kris.

Marshall further claims, "What is really going on here is that an 'urgency' in the form of an apparently unplanned pregnancy, something the Respondent had nothing to do with, is perceived by Plaintiff as an opportunity to gain a litigation advantage by trying to force this court to prematurely set this matter for trial."

Let us look at  some of the reasons for this delay...Busy Humphries is playing lots of games and would only be ready for Kim around mid May or June

While for Kim, she has this to tell us

"I can't speak for Kris, but I just want him to be happy and I want us to move on, and that's really what I want, is just to move on," She said and also the annulment that he is filing for."The only legal way to get an annulment is if fraud were involved, so that's what's tricky," Kardashian said. "So he is suing me for an annulment based on the fact that I frauded him into marrying him for publicity." But, she added, no fraud occurred.

When will this end?

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