Friday, 1 February 2013


The first time I heard of Justin Bieber smoking Marijuana, I laughed. But I must confess, It is no longer funny. Who taught him how to experiment with weeds? Maybe he has not read about promising celebrities who got beaten to misery by weed. That reminds me of the poor photographer that died trying to take the picture of Bieber's Ferrari or young boys taking marijuana.

He has recruited a partner, Lil Za. The last time, it was Lil Twist. Oh boys...You are really in trouble with weeds. Of course, you cannot be lashed with cane. Lil Za...Reminds me of the poor photographer who died taking pictures of  Bieber's Ferrari. Let me not go into that before I forget what to say about this weed trend for these young chaps.

I wonder if it is this Ferrari or weed that is making buzz again with Bieber. If he wants to lend his 'infamous Ferrari ' to people,it should not be people who would cause him ache. Birds of like feathers...You may complete that.

For those waiting for him to response to the pictures that was taken of him smoking, I wonder what else he would tell them. The deed has been done...

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