Sunday, 10 February 2013


Have you ever wonder where Michael Phelps gets most of his girlfriends from? Hmm...If you need to hook up with Phelps, you can be a waitress. I am serious!!! Let me land before you stone me, of course, you would not do that because I have story for you...Interesting story.

Phelps is a lover of waitress. This is why he has a lot of them as ex-girlfriends.  Let me start with lucky Sarah Herndon. Once, she was this wonderful waitress that blew Phelps off his feet when he came to her work place.  He did not waste time in taking her to Bahamas where they had a romantic stay. You know the beautiful scenerio of Bahamas can drive one to live life to its fullest.

However, before now, he had a fling with a Las Vegas cocktail waitress ; Caroline Pal. And then,Hollywood waitress Jasmine Waltz. OMG!!! I have to be a waitress so that he can date me.Lolz.

Well, the good thing is that the Olympic medalist is good around ladies...Waitresses. I give him a thumb up for his selections.

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