Wednesday, 6 February 2013


I have always admired Tuface Idibia because he has the magic of attracting beautiful ladies to him. The Pop singer has had his share of scandals when it comes to women. This  is the reason why everyone was excited when he announced that he would get married on Feb.14 with Annie Idibia .

Aw...He cancelled it because he was engaged with a lot of shows that day. Meanwhile, Annie has been shopping and touring the world from Nigeria to New York before landing in Dubai. And then, Tuface cleared the air when he told us that the new date of the wedding would be communicated soon.

On the 23rd of March, 2013, this greatly anticipated elaborate white wedding between Annie and Tuface would  be taking place in Dubai, UAE.

Uh Oh...Sorry Nigerians. If you are not able to fly yourself to Dubai, you would not see this marriage. And it is not just coming to Dubai that is the issue, the couple would be making use of one of the most expensive hotels in Dubai, Burj’Arab.

Finally, We cannot wait for this to happen

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