Sunday, 3 February 2013


I cannot help but admire Beyonce on stage as she brought magic and life into a football game at the Super Bowl halftime performance. OMG!!! She beat our imagination with her great performance on stage making some us have a jaw drop. I was actually looking for gossip in her performance but found none.

She had vowed that there would be no lip synching again and she proved that.Why would she when she has rehearsed very well with 16 years as a singer?  She sang with former Destiny's Child mates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams (II). Their performance was the bomb because they have been expected to make a reunion.Did she deny the reunion of Destiny's Child onstage? Uh oh.

She has impressed a lot of  A-List celebs and the First Lady of The United States of America. All her efforts have not been wasted. Imagine how she went for rehearsal without makeup with her mum...

I love some of the comments on this show.
American Idol Carrie Underwood said "... and @Beyonce just made all the rest of us singers look stupid!'  Really?Lolz.

"Watching the #SuperBowl with family & friends. @Beyonce was phenomenal!" Michelle Obama tweeted. "I am so proud of her!" The First lady is speaking.

"OMG Beyoncé killed it!!! And when Destiny's Child came out...that made my life! #Bootylicious," Kardashian shared. Former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger added,"Beyoncé just slayed super bowl half time!!!" Kim Kardashian, claimed the DC reunion "made her life."

If I may say...What about the Super Bowl game. Who won? Hahahaha

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