Friday, 22 February 2013


Oscar Pistorius may begin training on track as he is released  by chief magistrate Desmond Nair, Ampie Louw , the Olympic and Paralympics star's long-time coach has said, he was the one who encouraged Pistorius to take up athletics. The decision for Pistorius bail on Feb.22 was dramatic with a lot of evidence thrashed out…the girl maybe a killer but not a threat to the society…
Ampie Louw said: "I am looking forward to the day I an get my boy back on the track."

The prosecutor is not giving in to bail believing he may disappear, however, the Defense counsel Barry Roux says Its far more difficult for Pistorius to disappear because of his known disabilities plus he needs medical treatment. The prosecutor wants Pistorius to realize that he is guaranteed to face long term imprisonment even though he thinks that he would be granted bail.

At the end of the day, we would know the  end of the matter…for now he is free again…

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