Tuesday, 5 February 2013


For a long time after his divorce with Kim Kardashian, Kris Humphries have not seen anything to celebrate until his birthday on Feb.4.  Of course, do not expect Kim Kardashian to attend this party that was held at Manhattan restaurant Abe & Arthur’s and then later at NYC Club Sl for dinner.

The guy was all smiling and happy...Indeed, he is getting older and more matured. Does this mean he would be a better man? I am not saying that he is not a better man. He did not kick himself out of his short marriage with Kim, they both kicked themselves out.

To make this birthday a great one to remember, Humphries has helped his team win 99-92 victory over the New Jersey Nets before heading to celebrate with his family and close families. Just 50 people attended...Just.

However, he has not forgotten about his battle this new year in court with Kim. He still believes that the marriage was a source of making money for the 'K' family. And he is bent on proving it in court.

Maybe, he may settle out of court..Who knows?

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