Saturday, 2 February 2013


I am speechless...It does not matter what anybody thinks about Rihanna and Chris Brown's reunion any longer. The mother, Monica Braithwaite has given her blessing to her daughter in this reunion...Do you think she gave the right decision? Well, I would answer the question for you,she did. Lol.

The opinion of a mother matters a lot when it comes to issues like this. It is not every mother please. Actually, some mothers can send their daughters to the pit of relationship hell (If there is something like that).

“I know her,” said Monica. “I’m very proud of her...She has her head on straight. I have to let her make her decisions, and I can only sit back and hope and pray for the best,”

I am touched...OMG!!!

Chris Brown can now visit her without one leg in and the other leg out.Hahahahaha. He is now a welcomed prodigal lover who is better than his former self. Of course, he has learnt that men should not beat women no matter how provoked. I am on the right track.

I wish them the best. For now, I have nothing against them...

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