Monday, 4 February 2013


Why wouldn't people leave Tom Cruise alone when it comes to his sexuality? Who said he is guy because he has married three sexiest Hollywood ladies? Of course, he is not married to any of them. I do not care whatever he does with his life because that is his life. I  only care when it comes to gossip with his name.Lolz (Bad of me).

The question of he is gay is beyond me.  Read this special comment about him
'Why can't everyone leave this guy alone.  If he is gay, so what!  He is an action actor that is on the top of his game.   He is entitled to live his life in any way that is legal.   In America unlike most countries, he is entitled to have his life private.   I am not connected in any, way, form or shape with his church or his beliefs and I am not gay.   I do not know Tom Cruise, nor have I ever met him. '

I truly support this commentator. However...

He is a jolly fellow who knows how to take care of his friends. Imagine the luxury he offered to Beckam who is in Paris Saint-Germain. He gave up his private plane for Beckham until he settles finally with his family in France.

Sexuality does not matter when it comes to this. He is living his life to the fullest. I did not say he is guy or the other.

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