Monday, 4 February 2013


Sometimes, we tend to take people for granted especially those we have helped  us stand on on our feets to become great. This is the story of a Nigerian singer, Wizkid who is currently in the United Kingdom. Having followed this singer's money spree around London, I have to look into his matter.  Is it that he wants to express his anger or that he is passing a message a lot of us are not able to understand?

If there is one thing that this singer can do better apart from singing, it is making use of the social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. This means, his phone would never leave his site. What do you expect from a guy who is experiencing fame at his age. Of course, he is one of the highest paid Nigerian celebrities.

Apart from his normal tweeting, he has been keeping a lot of things on his chest especially on his breakup with EME. Finally, he is opening up old wounds that you would be curious about when it comes to his break up with EME Records. On his mini blogging Twitter account, Wizkid had tweeted.

  “Don’t take Loyalty for stupidty..don’t!” Minutes before that Wizkid tweeted “Moving on to start all over again!”  Hmm... What can this mean? And as if he has not exhausted his anger...He also wrote the same on his instagram.

Actually, his is talking to the producer who brought him out of the dark into te living kingdom of being famous; Banky W. Money is the issue. Sometimes, I wonder what we would do without money... Well Wizkid, you have made a point. You are no longer a child. And we would treat you as such.

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