Tuesday, 5 February 2013


I decided to follow the plight of the 20 year old, Minami Minegishi,Japanese starlet , who got into trouble by disobeying the great rule of 'No Dating' by her group, AKB48. And had to cut her beautiful hair as a sign of repentance.

Well, there is a national debate over whether the megagroup are exerting a lot of control over its 90 girls. The reason for the group's rules is because they want to stay clear of scandal like this. Does this mean that we would not find more scandals in the group if we investigate?

"I don't think this is enough to get your forgiveness for what I did, but the first thing that came to my mind was I don't want to quit AKB48," Minegishi said. "This is maybe wishful thinking, but if it's all possible, I wish to stay as part of AKB. It's entirely my fault. I am truly sorry."

The manager of AKB Tomonobu Togasaki has referred to the cutting of hair as irrelevant.A lot of people would agree with me that the girl was scared to death by the blunt actions of the group. I wonder if this is bullying to become an idol.

This is like a corporal punishment. What would even prompt this girl to cut her hair as a sign of forgiveness...? Some said that it is a a way of displaying contrition. I believe this is distasteful and uncalled for.

And guess what this scandal is doing to this group?

"Whether positive or negative, the more news is better for AKB. That's the cult of AKB system and how they make money,"

I am stunned!!!

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