Saturday, 2 February 2013


Joe Jackson, the father of the late pop legend, Michael Jackson would not outgrown his policy of punishing kids. Of course, he has had his share of scandal on beating his kids while growing up. And when Michael brought this issue years later, he was quick to defend himself.  He believed that it was his punishment (Including beating and lashing) that made Michael the superstar he later became.  Well, that is not what I want to talk about...I want to talk about Joe Jackson.

He caught my attention with his words about the kids of today. I would support him in a while but I am not going to totally support him.

“Yeah, they are too soft. One of the reasons I say that is because kids nowadays are killing their parents in some cases,” Jackson said. “Let’s get into this ‘beating’ thing. There’s no such thing as ‘beating a kid.’ You whip them or punish them over something they did, and they will remember that. And they’ll remember it in such a way that they won’t do it again. That’s the way I was.”

Time has changed, Mr Jackson...

Actually, he has a strong point but kids cannot be whipped mercilessly. For those who have tried it, they found themselves sitting with criminals behind bars. I wonder if what would happen when the old fashion of whipping kids come back again. The good news is it is gone. How many would support this theory of beating thing?

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