Friday, 1 February 2013


Mother monster, Lady Gaga is the lady I picked for my gossip. This does not mean that I do not like her. Aww...I love her. I hope she does not shoot me with those toy guns that got a lot of people ranting? Lolz.

Sometimes, Lady Gaga can be naughty when she wants to be. No matter what people call her, she is still my lady. She is controversial and outrageous when it comes to some matter. What do you think was going through her mind when she appeared on stage in Vancouver, Canada with two fake plastic assault rifles ?

It does not matter if the Vice President of the United States of America has met the congress over gun violence( Of course, she did this outside the shores of America), all that matters is she wanted to express herself. The good thing is that those guns were for little baby boys. Babe, you are the best!!!

To her current court case with former employee,O'Neill. I cannot but laugh at her comments.
"She didn't enough lay out all my stuff for me... I can't sift through everything (and unpack my bags). She would only open a couple of bags, and it was very stressful for me... I was very often... moving my own luggage and doing s**t by myself." Referring to O'Neill. Hahahahaha. I hopefully  believe this was not among the reasons for their troubles.

Jennifer O'Neill is sueing Lady Gaga for not paying her  £237,500 for 7,168 hours of overtime while in her services...Money is the issue. Maybe she was not paid for not carrying Lady Gaga's bag? I did not say anything.

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