Friday, 1 February 2013


 Lindsay Lohan have a lot of gossips around her to really understand what we do when are taken to a law court as culprits. I would not blame her...It is really hard on her to fall from grace to grace. Lindsay, a lot of men would die to date.

 Lindsay who made me once go without dinner because she her success got me so green with jealous. Hmm...Time has changed. The actress is facing a lot of demons from the gossips and misdemeanor charges. The gossip I can excuse her but the law court charges, I would not support her in her pranks.

“They have no idea how important today is. At first Lindsay thought the court would wait for her and she could produce a sick note and get off. She is treating this like a gym class at school that she doesn't want to do,” one family friend tells The Huffington Post. “Not helping matters is her new New York lawyer, Mark Heller, who loves to be around stars and do what they want him to do.”

Come to think of it. What sort of lawyer is this Mark Heller of a guy? Of course, the guy is not even licensed to practice in California. Imagine!!!  Even if Lindsay believes she is innocent, let the court prove that to her.

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