Thursday, 7 February 2013


When it seems that everything is getting calm around Justin Bieber, another scandal would equally come up. I am not sympathizing with the singer whose past would always hurt him for now...He is a big boy who can take care of his life.
Oh uh, look at the tattoos on Rihanna and Bieber. They have something for beautiful tattooes. And with what Life & Style Weekly is projecting, the two might have more than tattooes in common. Something like...
If the reports that Life & Style Weekly is to be taken serious, that means that Selena Gomez broke up with Bieber because she discovered that  Rihanna and Bieber were doing some funny things behind her. Hmm...
"It really cut like a knife because it happened in February of 2011, when Selena and Justin had been dating for months and were falling in love," a friend of Selena said . "It's caused Selena to question their entire relationship...Selena thinks maybe they've been hooking up all along," the friend adds.
In Feb, 2011, Rihanna and Bieber were seen flirting ata Los Angeles Lakers basketball game before they started hooking up. However, Bieber have had crush for Rihanna way back 2009.And he had confessed.
"Yea, I asked her out. It didn't go so well since I'm not with her," he said. "I asked her out and she was basically like, 'You're too young.'"
What about now? Rihanna is back with Chris and Bieber is now an adult...What do you expect?

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