Monday, 4 February 2013


The half time that Beyonce did in the 2013 Super Bowl  was one of the best in her music career. Did I not tell you she would not lip synch? Imagine how a great performance can wipe off a very bad record...No one remembers that she lip synched the US National Anthem again after her killer performance on stage.

Well, a lot of dramas happened at the Super bowl. I would begin with Lil Wayne. The guy was already pissed at his favorite team for losing at the pre Super Bowl game only to be angered by a camera man. And he blew brimstone.Lolz
"Because one of these camera dudes just pushed me just now. And I don't like to be touched by people I don't tell to touch me," Wayne explained to E! Reporter Alicia Quarles immediately after the tirade.
 He would not want anyone to touch him. This point should be taken.

For Beyonce, she had a wardrobe malfunction that could have gotten her embarrassment if it was worse than it showed.  After the first song, her dress started revealing black lace panels on her tummy and a lace skirt at the back. Good news, it was a minor to her performance.

R&B singer Keyshia Cole took to Twitter to insult Michelle Williams  after the show...That was a mistake baby. The Destiny's Child descended on her with their own tweeting in a  'Twitter Word War'

Finally, Beyonce's  performance with her Destiny's child mates , Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams have yielded results. Their music sales have skyrocked because there is a mad rush for it. Every good thing would always produce positive things. I would be waiting for Beyonce as she tours the world with Mrs. Carter...She is giving me stories to gossip. Thanks lady

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